Friday, March 9, 2007

A new assistant

Finally, I got a chance to write something here. :)

These month seems thougher than any other month for me. First, my assistant was assigned to another branch office. This make my current project postponed until I have a new assistant prepared. Appearently, the company quickly replace him with a new one. Unfortunately, the new assistant has a little experience about VB 2005. So, I have to prepare her (yes, a female one. I guess it's a bit enjoyable, since there's no young people in this floor rather that two of us :D ). It'll take some time to teach her since she has minimum experience in making real world application. Well, I can take the good point for this. At least, I have time to learn something new especially .NET 3.0 technology, also doing my thesis :). There's no need to hasten the project now. My estimate that it will take a month to make her ready...

Tomorrow, I'm thingking of buying a new board for my room at home. It's soo hard to keep everything on your head, especially when you must put office and home problems there. Not enogh memory man !!! There's one problem though, I don't want to go alone there. Maybe I can force my sister to accompany me (and I believe she'd like to). Another option is to ask my friends, but I must to pick them and drop them again. Not worth the effort I think.

Currently, I'm still developing a nice user interface for my application (SPM Reporting), and it's not as simple as it get's. Designing user interface is much harder than designing system or application. It needs creativity (which I still leak of). Therefore, I don't have much idea about it right now. I'll try to set everything up next week.

Hmm, I guess I must back to work again. It seems like my new assistant confuse about something. Hopes she learn well right now.

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