Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gateway Switcher and .NET Deployment

Today I've created a new application called Gateway Switcher. It's basically a small program that change my internet gateway. The background for this program is that my company has operate 2 gateway for internet connection. When the first offline, the other will active. It's really annoying just to change connection all the time since my connection is very unstable.

Basically, Windows XP (don't test it on Vista), has stored connection data on the registry. So my application do a little trick to manipulate them. It's use a simple Win32 registry function to change this settings, yet it's a little difficult to learn how to use this function.

After this, I've planned on distributing this files through Marketing Division, which I think need this tools the most, since they are 2nd active internet user after my team :). I've learn some method of deployment in .NET, and I will use MSI installer for this distribution.

Busy days ...

*Sigh*. Finally, I can post here after these busy days.
It's all start from Saturday. I have to go to ITS for some administrating stuff. But because of my late payment for collage, I must go to ITS Sukolilo for a payment slip. The problem arrise because financial departement closed on Saturday. What a pain. I have to go there on Monday, so I don't think I'd come to work on that day. After arrive at home, my cousin (Ko2 Jimmy) from Tulungagung come to my house. Then my family preparing some praying ceremony for my grandfather, because my Twaie went to holiday in Malay. So, we have our hand full back then. At night, we went to Galaxy Mall. This is my first visit since it has a new building. It's not quite big, and there was nothing interesting there. I won't go there again :(. Don't belive that I waste my time to go there. I'd watch some DVD's that I loan.

On Sunday, it's Imlek time. Gong Xi Fat Choi !!! Yay !! I got angpao from my family. We're not going anywhere except to church and visit a family. So I can take a little rest then.
The next day, I go to ITS Sukolilo to finish my administrative issue, then go to ITS Cokroaminoto to get my concelor sign. Guess what, he wasn't there until night. So I don't have any choice except go back home and come again at night. :(

Yesterday, some of staff in my office room moved to 1st floor (while I'm still in 2nd floor). Kinda busy there, because we have to arrange some desk and computers. So my room has more space right now. (kinda good isn't it ?)

Today I'm not doing anything new. Still trying to learn some deployment methods for my project. I'd like to start another little project when I'm home, but I think I will postpone it until next week. There's still many task that I've planned during this week. Planned ? Yes, I've arranged task every week for myself. Altough I can't do some of them, but it helps myself to keep organized. Right now, I'm thinking for buying a new organizer. I'd prefer a PDA, since it can embeed .NET Technologies in it, and it's not long until Windows Mobile 6 arrive.

Enough talk. I'm going to write some other post about my newest application ...

Friday, February 16, 2007

Blogger and Microsoft Word 2007

I've use Microsoft Office 2007 for a while and already know that it has the ability to publish a blog. So since I have a blog, I want to make use of this tool and find out what its result. If things happen smoothly, I won't have to connect to the internet if I want to post a blog (FYI, internet connection in Indonesia is a hell slow). As you know, Microsoft Office 2007 is the newest office product from Microsoft. And the one that make me a little happy is that I have used it before it commercially sold (I used it last year, while Office 2007 officially being RTM last month J ).

I'm curious about this can do. . .

It shows that I can insert a smart art too, but I don't think it will be useful with a blog.

After posting a few blogs, I realized that I need to improve my typing skill. Its very pain to type and press backspace so often. Now I regret had underestimate my typing class in high school long time ago.

Ok then, time to test this feature now. . .

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tool Tip Enhancement

This morning I've learn some enhancement using Tooltip component from Visual Studio 2005. What a cool technique it was. After reading much technology articles during this months make me feel more and more stupid. Yes, the more I read, the more that I realized that there are soo much things to learn. Unfortunately there's so little time to do since I will be busy in the next week, since my team had been assigned to a new project.

When I was at my collage, it feels like time run very slow (especially during those boring class), but now, it feels like time flows very fast. If you can't make a move, then you'll always left behind.

Ok, back to work again.

My First Blog on the web.

Hmm, this is my first blog on the internet. Wow, finally I have a blog. To tell you the truth, I don't like to write or talk very much. So, why I made this blog ? I don't know either. Maybe because I often read a blog recently so I want to make one, or maybe there's a reason that I couldn't explain :p.

Anyway, here it is. I've made a blog. I'd like to make a good writing and article in this blog. Hope I won't screw them up in the future.

Okay then. It's 5 PM. Time to go home. There's still much to do tomorrow....