Tuesday, March 20, 2007

An Analog Clock Component

During these days, I've attended some programming challenge in a forum. It's quite fun because that can horne my skills and of course show some showoff hehe ;D. It's also a great task to spend my weekend (because I'm still single and nothing to do. If I have a girlfriend, things will be different :D ).

TheClock, is my latest component that mimic clock sidebar on Vista. For now, it's still have one style (modern). At this time, it only has a standard features, but I've reserved some functions for future. Also I've engineered the class so I can insert a new feature easily in the future (If I have time of course te..he..).

Here's some screen shot:

You can download the code at: http://www.geocities.com/mick_rawi/TheClock.zip

That's for now. Sorry for lack documentation and explaination about this component, because I'm still not good in those two. But I'm learning for it okay ? Of course I know that presentation ability is one of most important things to make customer in the future.

Actually, I've created many more good stuff (at least for me), that I want to share with everyone. But, right now, I'm don't have enough time to do that. For meanwhile, enjoy "TheClock" :D

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