Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gateway Switcher and .NET Deployment

Today I've created a new application called Gateway Switcher. It's basically a small program that change my internet gateway. The background for this program is that my company has operate 2 gateway for internet connection. When the first offline, the other will active. It's really annoying just to change connection all the time since my connection is very unstable.

Basically, Windows XP (don't test it on Vista), has stored connection data on the registry. So my application do a little trick to manipulate them. It's use a simple Win32 registry function to change this settings, yet it's a little difficult to learn how to use this function.

After this, I've planned on distributing this files through Marketing Division, which I think need this tools the most, since they are 2nd active internet user after my team :). I've learn some method of deployment in .NET, and I will use MSI installer for this distribution.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a system administrator and I have the same problem in the lan of my company. Can u send me this jewell file? My email. lobaken@gmail.com Thanks in advance