Thursday, March 5, 2009


After being absent for more than a year, I finally come back and posting here. When the last time I write here, and come back, I'm in the same company, but already resign and reapply back. Talk about destiny, huh? But of course my job title is better now, compared to last time I write here. There's a lot of event that happened within that time in my life. From career, collage, and even life and love story.

First of all, I finally made it in my collage. I graduate last month and earn a title of Master. Its been hell a lot of time to finish it, since my most problem is the difficulty of that final project that I have to finish. And the topic is the one that I bad at. Its the UML. At first, my decision to use this method was because maybe I can learn something new. But that was my biggest mistake of all. Its all pain in each chapter. But I'm glad I've been through that.

My career improved a lot better this time. I rejoin company that I work before, with a new title as IT Manager now. So I got bigger responsibility to do than my previous title. Its tough job to do, but I believe I can do my best to help this company grow from IT side.

Last event that happened was I lost the girl that I love so much. During my little sister problem, I got confused and have many to think about and apparently can't give her attention to win her heart. I admit that was terrible, since I moved on her a bit fast and didn't consider about my family condition at that time. Do I still have 2nd chance to start it over? I do hope I can and I'll try to fix my relationship with her when she come back to this city (yes, she's at other city at the moment). I've had many new girl friends since that day (the day that she "did" that to me), but my feelings towards her is still the same. Hmm, so many things to tell, but maybe I'll write later if I feel the mood. Hey, its not easy to write it all, I'm not a writer, so don't expect much, OK.. ^^