Tuesday, October 23, 2007

VB Code Formatter Plug-in for Windows Live Writer

Refer to my post yesterday, I've found a new plug-in for Windows Live Writer (WLW), that can paste my Visual Basic Source Code and keep it's format. I've test some codes, and it seems works fine for me.

Here's a sample:

VB Code
Public Shared Function NumberToEnglishWords(ByVal num As Long) As String
Return NumberToEnglishWords(num, 0)
End Function

Other features that seems great is the ability to add line number, which I'm still can't decide whether I should use it or not. The plug-in is made with C# and it's open source. I'd like to learn the source when I have a spare time.

At the first look (in Live Writer editor), the table border width is not quite right. I'll look the result after I post this on my blog.

This plug-in was made by Steve Dunn. You can visit his blog here, while the article about the plug-in can be found here.